SHARE provides a caring, affordable living environment for independent adults. 


As a non-profit SHARE’s primary motivation is the well-being of our residents.

The Board of Trustees, employees, volunteers and residents partner with the community to promote health, security, happiness, and a good quality of life in a caring, shared-home environment.

We are committed to hold true to the meaning of the word independent which allows our residents to flourish in their daily lives. We create a supportive and enriching atmosphere that fosters connection with each other without bias in regard to gender, race or religion.

We believe in the constant pursuit of excellence and high standards.

We believe in the constantpursuit of excellence and high standards.

Our Core Values


Independence requires and supports both physical and mental health. 

Our residents come into our homes with their independence and dignity intact and we are committed to preserving and enhancing it through mutual support, creative and challenging programming and constant engagement with the community. 

All of our residents are entitled to privacy while enjoying the fullest participation in life’s joys and challenges.


Community involvement is crucial to a whole and fulfilled life. SHARE provides each resident the opportunity to live as part of a caring community while maintaining autonomy and independence. 

Our community volunteers bring all that the wider world has to offer to our residents through enrichment programs, physical activities, shared meals and more. 

SHARE has many people and organizations who are invested in the residents’ well-being and the sustainability of our efforts.


SHARE welcomes all inside its doors regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion. Moreover, we understand that the fullest possible life includes embracing and understanding difference and variety in background, culture and life practice. 

We embrace the various paths to human fulfillment and support our residents in doing the same.


We are committed to encouraging warmth, compassion and understanding in our homes. This commitment runs not only from our dedicated staff and volunteers. It is also encouraged in our residents’ interactions with each other.

SHARE provides safe and secure homes by maintaining our residences to the highest standards.