What does SHARE stand for?

SHARE stands for Senior Housing Association of Ridgewood and Environs.

What kind of organization is SHARE?

SHARE, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3, non-denominational corporation which provides an affordable home-like environment for independent seniors within the Ridgewood community.

Where is SHARE?

There are currently two SHARE residences for independent senior citizens, age 55 and older.  Cottage Place Senior Residence, opened in 1982, was the first SHARE residence. Cottage Place is located at 104 Cottage Place in Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450 and is the mailing address for SHARE, Inc.  Prospect Place Senior Residence opened in 1998 and is located at: 130 Prospect Street in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

What are the S.H.A.R. E. residences like?

Both are large Victorian homes located very close to the Village of Ridgewood’s central business district, the downtown area.  The two residences are less than ½ mile from each other.  Each resident has a private bedroom, which is furnished with their own furniture.  Residents share a bathroom with one other resident.  The rest of both houses include shared living areas:  a living room, a dining room, a laundry area, a large three season porch & second floor sitting room at Cottage Place, a beautiful yard, and on-site parking.

How many residents live at each house? Do you have to be from New Jersey to live at SHARE?

Both Cottage Place and Prospect Place are Age Friendly residences that can each accommodate fourteen (14) residents. There are no residency requirements, but SHARE requires that each resident have a nearby emergency contact person who is also their SHARE, Inc. Residency Agreement co-signer in case a situation comes up for which the resident needs support and/or help.

How old are the residents?

Residents must be at least 55 years old at the time of application, though the average age of our residents is closer to 80.

How much does it cost to live at one of the SHARE residences? What does that cover? 

The monthly fees at both SHARE residences is currently $1,545.  The fee includes a private bedroom, utilities, cable TV/Internet, meals, parking, and weekly housekeeping.  There is a nonrefundable entrance fee of one month’s rent prior to a new resident moving in.

What about financial assistance if I am unable to afford the fees?

SHARE has set the fees as low as possible and expects residents to be able to pay the monthly fee.  It is our expectation that families may have to assist in paying the fees.

Are any special services provided?

SHARE serves lunch and dinner Monday through Friday at each residence.  Residents prepare their own daily breakfast and weekend lunches with food provided to them. Each home has a resident kitchen where they can prepare such meals. Weekend dinners are cooked and served by volunteers and may be ordered in at times. The Executive Director sets up educational workshops on a regular monthly basis at each residence.  There is a weekly on-site Chair Exercise Class that is open to residents from both houses.  SHARE Board members and community volunteers socialize with residents, facilitate games, arts & crafts, holiday and special events, provide music and other entertainment, assist residents with spring clean-up, gardening, and maintenance projects and chores.

What do you mean by independent living?

SHARE uses the New Jersey State criteria for seniors to define “independent living” status.  Residents to Cottage Place and Prospect Place must be physically and mentally “independent.”  This means that physically a resident must be able to walk on their own or with a cane, be able to negotiate stairs unassisted, be capable of self-evacuating the house in an emergency, be free from evidence of communicable disease, NOT be challenged by incontinence, NOT be in need of skilled nursing care, NOT be chair fast or bed fast, and  be reasonably well-oriented.  Residents must be mentally able to manage their own medications without supervision and have appropriate judgment in emergencies and be socially compatible in a shared group living environment.

What is the admission process at SHARE?

The first step is to provide information through this website (an online application is available) or by calling the Executive Director, at 201-670-9605. An appointment for a tour of one or both residences will be scheduled with her. The tour may include the applicant resident and/or his/her family member(s).  During the tour, the applicant will meet with the Executive Director and likely several current SHARE residents. If the applicant continues to be interested in pursuing the residency process, the application form needs to be completed at this time and returned to the Executive Director, if not already provided online. An applicant may also complete an application in order to be placed on the waiting list. If there is a vacancy, the admission process proceeds to the next applicant scheduled to have an interview with two SHARE advisory board members of the Residents Committee. Prior to an interview the applicant will be asked to provide identification and medical and financial documentation.   After the interview, the applicant may be considered for residency. Once received, a decision will be made whether the applicant might fit in as a SHARE resident. Once accepted, the applicant will meet with the Executive Director to review the required documents and sign the SHARE Residency Agreement which needs to include a nearby relative or close friend who has agreed to be their co-signer and emergency contact. Once the fees and first month’s payment is paid, a move-in date will be scheduled.

Are there any house rules?

There are many “rules” for the health, welfare and safety of all SHARE residents.  The document governing house rules, along with several others, such as residents’ rights, etc., are required to be on file for each SHARE resident by the State of New Jersey.  Each document will be discussed and signed at the meeting with the Executive Director prior to move-in.

What does it mean to be a New Jersey State regulated boarding home for senior citizens?

It means that some practices and procedures must be adhered to, along with SHARE passing various annual inspections by the State of New Jersey, the County of Bergen, and a fire inspection by the Village of Ridgewood.  All of those specific requirements will be discussed prior to admission to SHARE   One example is that all residents be able to evacuate the residence for a monthly fire drill as scheduled by the director.

What is the process if I am on SHARE’s waiting list?

If you request to be on the SHARE waiting list, or if you are interested in living in one of the SHARE residences and there are no openings, you will be placed on the waiting list.  When a vacancy occurs, the Executive Director contacts each person, based on the date they were placed on the waiting list, to determine who is interested in moving into the vacant room at SHARE  Each person (in order reached) is offered to schedule the interview with the two Resident Committee members.  The process continues as described in the admissions process.

What happens when  I am accepted for residency at Prospect or Cottage Place?

You will be a vital part of Age Friendly Ridgewood.  You will have made the decision to live independently and with dignity at SHARE


If you have additional questions, please contact us at 201-670-9605 or via email at executive@shareincnj.org.