The Holiday Season

I'm thinking about the hustle and bustle of the   Holiday Season. It can be joyful, frustrating, hectic   and sometimes a strain on my prosperity   consciousness.  As with everything in my life, I can   make a choice about how this experience will play   out for me. My choice is to color my Holiday   Season with joy, harmony, peace and prosperity in an aura of Love.


 So now I declare that I align my consciousness to   those elements of the Holy Spirit that are the   source  of Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace and the   Abundance of the Universe.


 I choose to have loving relationships.. I give to   others easily and comfortably and I accept gifts   thankfully,

 I choose Peace and Harmony in every situation. My   thoughts are aligned with the Music of the Spheres   and I allow my Soul to sing its joyful song.


 Universal Abundance produces for me everything   that fulfills my needs in material and spiritual ways.   I especially know the value of gifts from the spirit and I give and receive these gifts with joy and gratitude.


All of this manifests with ease in its own time and space. Spirit accepts my choices and I rejoice in them.

Happy Holidays!!


                                                           Love, Alice