The Legend of St. Patrick

St. Patrick's Day. ... The winds of March,,,.Spring

The "winds of March". We experience this phenomenon every year. It heralds the coming  of Spring and another opportunity for new beginnings. I can choose to allow the winds to symbolically sweep away the unwanted negatives I might be experiencing, making way for a new perspective on my life; a new idea of who, what and where I want and need to be.


However, as a country, we are in complex and even chaotic times. Stories of negative experiences seem to invade my home through TV and even everyday conversation. The imminent future presents challenges, both personally and nationally. Where do I look for uplifting inspiration?


The legend of St. Patrick was brought to us by the Irish, a resilient people. They have blessed us in part by being an example of how to experience joy in celebrating life in spite of troubles. St. Patrick, who lived in the fifth century, was born and brought up in Roman Britain. He was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland as a boy, escaping as a teen-ager. He became a Christian priest and decided to bring the "good news" to those who had previously enslaved him. He succeeded in realizing his goal. I can only begin to imagine the challenges and difficulties he faced and overcame in doing so. Now his life is celebrated almost around the world. I see this as an excellent example of how to turn what was certainly a negative experience into an influence for good.


While I may not become a missionary, I can still find opportunities to benefit others and myself. Choosing to turn a negative message into a positive experience is my personal goal. Certainly a good part of my inspiration will come on St. Patrick's Day while I am watching the Parade and remembering what makes the Irish so full of joy in spite of challenges.