October Choices

Alice’s Corner

October is a month that speaks of beauty, truth, togetherness, and commitment – Whoa! Whoa! Back Up! How did that C-Word creep into October??? You were doing fine with all the previous words, but now you’re getting SERIOUS!

Give me a chance to finish what I am saying, please! Commitment comes in many shapes and sizes, requiring differing responses.

The next word I associate with October is love. Of course, that word could also be somewhat intimidating, however it comes with opportunities and choices. I can, and should, make my own choices about what and where I want to place my attention and, to what degree I want to commit. Sometimes also a daunting task.

Weelll…life is like that. One minute I’m comfortable, then all of a sudden there can be a challenge that‘s full of feelings and I begin to question who, what, where and how my life is working for me. Am I happy or sad? Am I making the right choices for me and perhaps for those around me? Enjoying life and living has become a chore as well as an emotional challenge!

However, after considering the ideas of truth, beauty, togetherness and love, the choices become clearer and easier to make. As for me, give me love. I want to be loving and loved this month and perhaps even longer than that. After all, isn’t it up to me to make the choices and yes, the commitment?

Have a great, and love-filled Fall!!