May Poles, Dancing, and Memories

We are now in the fifth month of the year, a time when the opportunity for change again shows its face. I have come through the challenges of the April showers, and I decide to flip through the channels of my mind searching for a welcome direction or at least information. This is usually a dependable source for me, initiating visions of my future with the promise of good, better and even best options. Do you recall the childhood chant..."good, better, best…Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best"?


The implication is that, there is always some better option awaiting my choice. I need only keep on flipping the channels and leave my mind open to the possibilities. Having found a “good” option through my flipping efforts, I choose it. I know that if this option doesn’t result in even better choices, I can always return to the source of my good and make another choice until I find my personal best!


Happy May! Enjoy the flowering of your best!


I am grateful for April and all it brings.

Happy Spring! – Happy Easter!