Forever Free

Fourth of July! Independence Day!  Dazzling Fireworks! Picnics, Potato Salad, Chips and Pickles!!! Although we celebrate our independence in this, and more ways, few of us think about what followed this Declaration. It was then that those who declared their freedom had to do the work of making it a reality for themselves. For our country, it ultimately meant war against the oppressor. Although our country may not be perfect, it is now an independently great nation.

I cannot help but think of my own struggle for independence. Not so much a struggle from the oppression of others, but the oppression of my own thoughts and actions which have caused me discomfort and unhappiness in the past.

As an adult, I am the result of my own thoughts, emotions and choices. By releasing negative thinking, I am free of ignorance, fear and doubt. This freedom allows me to attract love, joy, happiness and the people, places and things that fulfill my choices. I am free to be me!

Happy Fourth!