April Showers – Spring – Easter

How does one make sense of life's peaks, valleys, curve balls and challenges? Alice Gravelle Kann's life has been about working through these challenges and coming out on the up side.


April Showers – Spring – Easter

The message of Spring is easily and physically observable. The part of nature that seemed to become still and withdrawn in the Winter, suddenly springs to life now. The blooming of the forsythia is a sure sign of Spring for me. I “feel” the personal invitation to participate in the promise of its colorful energy.


The Easter celebration also invites me to the personal aspect of this renewal. Perhaps diving within my own consciousness, I will discover a new and more exciting direction for my own further blooming. Energy flows where my attention goes. I am looking for more joy and all that is good for me and those I love.


So now I turn my attention to planting in my consciousness the seeds of joy, love, health and wealth and I welcome the April showers encouraging the blooming of these seeds. Harvesting these blooms enriches my life.


I am grateful for April and all it brings.

Happy Spring! – Happy Easter!