Amazing August

Here I sit, once more, amidst the chaos of a fast-approaching MOVING DAY! The comparative size, or number of rooms, doesn't seem to influence the number of boxes I "need" to hold my treasures and necessities. The boxes simply seem destined to create more boxes.

I usually think of August as a time to relax into the warmth of the moment, not allowing any stress or strain to mar the horizon.

Instead, I need to involve myself with the "details" of the MOVE. I have done this countless times and have threatened to "write the book" on how best to accomplish a strain-free move. However, once the move is accomplished, I am reluctant to involve myself with the memory of the chaos and the stressful time. So, I have come to realize that this book will never be written by me.

More importantly, I remind myself of what occurs after the move. Almost magically, a new and improved version of my surroundings presents itself. I have rediscovered another arrangement of my treasures that gives me more pleasure and a more organized path to greater self-expression. Well, isn't that what the path is all about? Choosing to take the next step, releasing the chaotic moment and allowing the greater moment to become my greater reality also releases the memory of stress and strain.

Have an amazing August!